What’s this all about?

In 2014 my husband John gave me a date jar. He’d filled 72 envelopes (he got a bit carried away!) with date ideas. Every Monday morning I opened an envelope and we had to make an effort to do what the card said that week. It was exciting, some ideas weren’t what I’d choose to do but we made it fun, and most importantly we made time for each other in our busy lives – something we all can forget to do!


Everyone I spoke to about it said ‘that’s a great idea, I wish I had time to do think of the ideas’… And A year of Dates was born in September 2016 with our first product that is based on the original jar.

There’s a surprise for both of you as the envelopes are sealed and you don’t have to think what to do, just go and have fun. 

There are enough envelopes for one a week for a whole year, that’s the challenge! Lots involve staying in the house, some involving travelling further afield. Some are free/cheap, others you can make more expensive – how you interpret the card is up to you.

Most importantly laugh, kiss, cuddle, make memories and enjoy quality time together!

John and I now both work on the business full time around our daughter. We’ve added gifts for birthdays, friends, anniversaries, new parents and families – there’s much more to come too! We love the feedback we get from you and that we’re helping people get out and make memories together.


Sometimes you just need a push in the right direction and that is what all our cards aim to do. 

We really hope you enjoy the experience as much as we did.

Kate and John x


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