Weeks 16 & 17 – I’m behind!

So, it’s been a busy few weeks… Hence the joint post!

We haven’t even been for tapas yet… mainly due to illness, work commitments from both of us (on different days so we couldn’t even time that right!)

Week 16 I opened an interesting one, a little Monopoly inspired maybe?! Add something of your choice to the jar, and pick another card

I’m not telling what I put in the jar (mainly because i haven’t even got around to doing that yet – arrgghh!) and I then picked: Get a coffee and go for a walk

Easy enough! Until I had to work Saturday, the sunniest day ever! 🙁

So that one needs to be completed…

Then week 17, I got a good one – and after the few weeks we’ve had, a very well timed one:

Enjoy a spa night, at home

The date jar is very good at knowing what we need and when we need it, it must be down to the person picking the envelopes each week! Nothing to do with the person who wrote them…



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