Week 5 – I picked well

Well, as Monday mornings go picking this envelope made it a good start to the day!John had to be up early (5am!) to get a train to London so I was a bit bleary eyed when I made my choice. I’m still not sure there is a method to my madness and I just chose at random, it seems to be working out ok.So this week I chose Book a B&B WeekendNow, with January pay day finally arriving, Valentines day fast approaching and our next holiday being 99 days away (yes I have an app for that!) this is perfect timing.But where to go? As normal I am thinking fresh sea air will be necessary for this trip, maybe we’ll get more actual fresh air than on the picnic date… **UPDATE**The B&B is booked, we’ll be visiting Driftwood in Rhosneigr on Sat 14th Feb, lets hope I pick well on the week we go so the 2 dates can combine! Ideally I could do with choosing, a beach walk, trip to the seaside or chippy tea based date…


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