Spin the wheel and win!

Spin the wheel and win!

We’ve introduced a fun way to win some discounts this festive season – we’re not doing Black Friday but we’re adding our own personal touch and some excitement to your shopping experience.

You may see a ‘Spin to win’ wheel appear on your screen, this is your chance to receive a discount on your purchase, or even win a free date box!

We have lots of prizes including:
4 x Suprise Edition data boxes
10 x £10 off codes
50 x £5 off codes

Plus a chance to win
5%, 10% or 20% discount – but you have to hurry, the codes (which appear at the bottom of your screen) are only valid for 24 hours!

Keep your eyes on the site, and our social media pages, over the next few weeks because we’re going to add some more prizes and surprises!

Spin the wheel and win!
You don’t have to play, but you’ll be missing out on your chance to win!


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