Wedding Guest Box


Let your wedding guests suggest your Year of Dates with our fun, personal alternative to the traditional wedding guest book.

Instead of asking your wedding guests to write a message in a book, you can ask them to suggest a date for you to go on over your first year of marriage. Guests will seal up their date ideas in the envelopes provided, and you can look forward to lots of surprises when you come back from your honeymoon.

The luxury ivory branded gift box contains 25 ivory envelopes and cards as standard. You can add to this with batches of 25 cards and envelopes in a choice of eight colours.

Base the number of cards you need on the number of guests and pick the number of additional bundles you need.

You’ll also receive two information leaflets to stand alongside the wedding guest box, so guests know what to do with their envelopes.

If you order 100 cards or more, you’ll also receive a larger unbranded box.

This means you can take both boxes to the wedding and put them in different locations to avoid a queue, or keep the smaller branded box for displaying the cards at home. The choice is yours.

Estimated UK delivery by 08/10/2020

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