Wedding Guest Box


Designed to be the guest book that you keep using and opening,  the Wedding Guest Box gives you the most personalised Year of Dates possible. All the dates are written by your friends and family!

After all the organising and stress that comes with a wedding, you get to look forward to dating again after your honeymoon, and relive your day as you see what your friends have written.

The envelopes and cards come in a branded luxury gift box and 25 ivory envelopes and cards as standard. You can add to this with batches of 25 cards and envelopes. We’ll provide a mix of ivory envelopes and the colour of your choice from the options listed.

Base the number of cards you need on the number of guests and pick the number of additional bundles you need.

The box comes with 2 information leaflets to stand alongside so guests can read what they are requested to do.

For orders of 100 cards an additional, larger box will be included to accommodate the number of cards (the larger box isn’t branded). This also give you the option to take both boxes to the wedding and put them in different locations – to avoid a queue! – or keep the smaller branded box for displaying the cards at home.

Estimated UK delivery by 12/02/2020

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