Personalised Things To Do Birthday gift Box – for any age


The perfect birthday gift for any age!

Based on our popular BIG birthday boxes now you can add any age as well as their name or a short message.

It doesn’t matter if it’s for an 18th birthday present, 21st birthday present or a 38th birthday, this box can be given on on all occasions.

Choose from a kraft (brown paper) box or black and select your preferred colour of print – please note not all colours work on the black so these won’t be available to select.

Inside are 25 sealed envelopes each containing an activity that can be done with friends, on your own or with family. There’s a mixture of activities – some can be done at home, others involve a night out or a day trip. This isn’t a bucket list as the idea is to try new things, go to new places, and make memories.

There are an additional 5 blank cards to add your own idea – it could be something you’ve always wanted to do. Or you want to surprise the person celebrating by filling them in with something you know they love, or have always wanted to do.

Each box will be personalised with the recipient’s name and their age for that extra special touch. The envelopes come with a leaflet explaining how the box works.


Estimated UK delivery by 12/03/2020

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