Dates with my Best Mate – make time for the important people, make memories


You’ve been through it all together, and they know everything about you. Why wouldn’t you want to date your best friend?

As our lives get busier with family, work and commitments it can be hard to get quality time with mates. That’s where this box comes in. The perfect gift for your bestie which will encourage you to put a date in the diary and do something fun together. Including a mixture of day activities, nights out and things to do at home the cards will give you some new ideas for things to do and help you make memories.

Choose from a kraft (brown paper) box or black and select your preferred colour of print – please note not all colours work on the black so these won’t be available to select.

There are 10 sealed envelopes in the box, take it in turns to choose one at random. The final 2 cards are blank for you to add an idea each, seal these in the envelopes provided and add them to the mix.

Each box will be personalised with names or a short message – please note this is restricted to 21 characters. The boxes contain a leaflet explaining how best to use the cards.

Estimated UK delivery by 12/03/2020

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