Personalised (empty) Box


Our new personalised boxes are digitally foil printed in silver or gold allowing for a truly unique box to be created to commemorate any occasion. You could personalise names, dates and/or a message of your choice.

This box is empty – it’s perfect if you already have a box of dates and want to transfer to the new option. Or add a personal message and keep treasures in the box to remember a special event or time in your life – the possibilities are endless.

We’ve also given you the option to add a Golden Envelope to help pass on that extra special message.

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Estimated UK delivery by 31/10/2020

  • Enter Personalisation details below

    *Select font

    This is the font that will be used to print the message above the logo on the box.

    *Select font colour

    *Text above logo

    This is the text that will appear above the logo. Please check the spellings carefully, we will print exactly what is written here

    Text below logo (Optional)

    This is optional text that will appear below the logo, it could be a date or personal message.
    This will be in a different font to the text above the logo, see product images for examples.

    *Confirm spelling and details are correct.

    Personalised boxes cannot be returned. It’s important that all the names, dates and details are correct.

  • Add a golden envelope?

    These golden envelopes provide you a way to deliver a special message, or question, that only you can identify.

    • .6 £
    • .6 £
    • .6 £
    • .6 £
    • .6 £
    • 0.6 £
    • 0.5 £
    Happy Anniversary and the blank card will be places separately to the main cards. All other golden envelopes are within the main cards. 
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