Personalised A Year of Movie Dates – Watch a different movie together each week!


The perfect gift for movie loving couples – now with some FREE popcorn!

Luxury personalised gift box containing 50 sealed envelopes each with a movie title inside to open each week and make time for each other.

The perfect gift for any movie loving couple. The film names are sealed inside coloured envelopes so the weekly date is a surprise and the anticipation keeps going all year.

The movies inside the envelopes are from a number of ‘Top Movie’ lists – they’re a mixture of comedy, thriller, action and horror. Please note they are aimed at adults with some 18 titles included.

Some might be titles you have seen a thousand times, other might be new to you – sit back, snuggle up and make some quality time together each week – just enjoy and see what discussions the titles bring, you could discover a new classic.

Each set contains 2 blank cards and envelopes for each person to add their favourite movie into the box.

You have the option to add names or a short message to the box lid, this is printed in white on a black box.

Free Popcorn

We’re giving away a free Retrocorn Sharing bag (120g), worth £2, with each box sold. It’s handmade, natural popcorn snacks with a twist.
they don’t add chemicals, additives or preservatives. They’re Gluten Free, Vegan friendly and they taste great!

A random bag will be sent with each order, and maybe one of four flavours: Rhubarb & Custard, Sweet and Salty, Strawberries & Cream or Cherry Pips.

Should you not wish to receive a bag, please just add a note with your order.

  • Purchase additional Retrocorn popcorn?

    Each bag of Retrocorn is a feast for your senses; using only the finest ingredients we create super-indulgent little packets of delight that you, your friends and family, can enjoy guilt free.

    • 2 £
    • 2 £
    • 2 £
    • 2 £

  • Add a golden envelope?

    These golden envelopes provide you a way to deliver a special message, or question, that only you can identify.

    • .6 £
    • .6 £
    • .6 £
    • .6 £
    • .6 £
    • 0.6 £
    • 0.5 £
    Happy Anniversary and the blank card will be places separately to the main cards. All other golden envelopes are within the main cards. 
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