A Year of You – Self Care Box


A Year of You, Self care box

Our Just For You box is designed to do exactly what it says on the lid – help make time. It’s been carefully created as a special gift to give to friends and colleagues who need that gentle push to take some time just for them.

Self care is so important in our everyday life.

Taking time for self care helps produces positive feelings, which in turn can help with confidence and self-esteem. Self care is also important for family; children will learn from parents to do the same. Help those who need a little push to take some time for themselves.

Inside there are twelve pre written cards sealed in envelopes and another 12 are left blank for you to choose what would help you most. The envelopes for each set are different colours so you can pick one each month, or whenever suits you, and use the ideas to make time just for you.

If you choose the personalised option, you can add a name to the lid of the box and specify the colour of the print.

Please note the non-personalised box has a metallic silver logo on a black box, the personalised boxes are printed in a choice of colours with a choice of a black or kraft (brown) box.


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