Date Night ideas: Dessert Edition for foodie couples


If you’re buying a gift for a pair of foodies, any sweet-toothed couple will love this box of dessert dates.

The luxury personalised black gift box is filled with 50 colourful sealed envelopes, each containing a sweet treat idea to open each week. There are also two blank cards to personalise with their own ideas.

Whether they go out to eat, buy it in, or make it themselves is up to the recipient. Whichever they choose, they can indulge in some time together as they enjoy a delicious dessert (or two).

All date ideas are suitable for any couple, regardless of gender or age and the gift also includes a leaflet explaining how to use the box.

How to make the gift personal

 Alongside the off-the-shelf version, which is black with luxury red foiled text, we offer a personalised version where you can add the recipient’s name. Just click on the drop-down menu to make your choice and fill in your message.

You can also add a special golden envelope with a choice of messages, to personalise your gift further.

 Curiosity getting the better of you?

If you want a sneaky look at a few of the desserts included, click on the SNEAK PEEK button below. We know some of you want a complete surprise, so please don’t click on it if you don’t want any spoilers.


  • No Personalisation
  • Add Personalisation (+£4)

  • Add a golden envelope?

    These golden envelopes provide you a way to deliver a special message, or question, that only you can identify.

    • .6 £
    • .6 £
    • .6 £
    • .6 £
    • .6 £
    • 0.6 £
    • 0.5 £
    Happy Anniversary and the blank card will be places separately to the main cards. All other golden envelopes are within the main cards. 
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