Personalised A Year of Dates – Dessert Edition. Indulge with each other.


Cake to crumble, jelly to ice cream any sweet toothed couple will love this box of dessert dates.

Luxury personalised gift box containing 50 sealed envelopes each with a sweet treat to open each week, making time for each other while you indulge – you know you deserve it. Whether you go out, buy it in or make it yourself is up to you, some might remind you of childhood, a holiday, others might be a bit less familiar!

If you are on a diet then you can always share…

The perfect gift for any foodie couple. The puddings are sealed inside coloured envelopes so the weekly date is a surprise and the anticipation keeps going all year.

You have the option to add names or a short message to the box lid, this is printed in red on a black box below the logo.


  • Add a golden envelope?

    These golden envelopes provide you a way to deliver a special message, or question, that only you can identify.

    • .6 £
    • .6 £
    • .6 £
    • .6 £
    • .6 £
    • 0.6 £
    • 0.5 £
    Happy Anniversary and the blank card will be places separately to the main cards. All other golden envelopes are within the main cards. 
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