A Personalised Memory Box bundle – date ideas to love and remember


The ultimate date box bundle! Includes a choice of a Surprise or Categorised box of weekly dates and a Making Memories Journal in a large personalised Memory Box.

This special bundle is for those wanting to treasure their dating memories and makes the ultimate date box gift, add names and choose your word from the list below to make 2020 your year of… Whatever you want!

The chosen word is printed in red and the rest of the box in white

The box of dates: containing 52 sealed envelopes, with 51 date ideas to help inspire a different date each week. The 52nd sealed envelope is deliberately empty and means a week off! Also included are 5 blank cards and unsealed envelopes so that couples can add in date ideas unique to themselves. All date ideas are suitable for any couple, regardless of gender.

There are two versions of this product; the Surprise Edition means any card could be in any envelope – it’s a total surprise! Or the Categorised Edition is perfect for parents, people on a budget or those who like to keep a bit of control (!) The contents of the envelopes are colour coded so you can choose if you want to go out (and can get a babysitter maybe), stay in (if you’re counting down the days until payday) or want to involve the kids and have a day out. There are also a few for when you are feeling adventurous!

The journal gives you a place to save your dates, with space to include photos, tickets and write your highlights to look back over as the year goes on.

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