A Jar of Dates – Inspirational date night ideas


52 envelopes containing dates, plus 5 blank cards for you to add your own ideas. Sealed envelopes are contained within a pretty glass jar and tied with decorative ribbon.

There are two version of this product; the Surprise Edition means any card could be in any envelope – it’s a total surprise! Or the Categorised Edition is perfect for parents, people on a budget or those who like to keep a bit of control (!) The contents of the envelopes are colour coded so you can choose if you want to go out (and can get a babysitter maybe), stay in (if you’re counting down the days until payday) or want to involve the kids and have a day out. There are also a few for when you are feeling adventurous!

To help with the ‘tricky” decisions (like who chooses the film/restaurant/makes breakfast in bed) some cards suggest you flip a coin; but don’t worry there is a leaflet included to explain it all.

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Add a Golden envelope?

These golden envelopes provide you a way to deliver a special message, or question, that only you can identify.