50th Birthday Present: Fifty Things To Do When You Are 50


A thoughtful gift for a nearly 50 year old: 50 surprise ideas of fun activities they can spread over the year.

This is a small box, with a big impact. Surprise your loved one, with 50 fun ideas they can do over their 50th year whatever their gender. The sleek black gift box contains 50 colourful envelopes, with 45 surprise ideas of activities to mark their milestone year. They can be done with family, friends, or alone if they want a bit of peace and quiet. We’ve also included five blank cards so you can add your own ideas to personalise their present.

Each envelope will inspire the recipient to try something new, or go to a place they’ve never visited before. Either way, they’re on their way to making a whole bunch of new memories. The ideas are a good mix of things they can do at home, and activities that involve a night out or a day trip.

Envelope colours are chosen at random, so each box is unique, and also includes a leaflet explaining how to use the box.

How to make the gift personal

We have two options: an off-the-shelf black gift box with stylish turquoise metallic foil text, and a personalised version where you can choose your text colour and have the recipient’s name added. Just click on the drop-down menu to make your choice and fill in your message.

Curiosity getting the better of you?

If you want a sneaky look at a few of the dates included, click on the SNEAK PEEK button below. We know some of you want a complete surprise, so please don’t click on it if you don’t want any spoilers.

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If you are sending this direct to the recipient, we can wrap the box in tissue paper.

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