Movie night

Movie night

So Friday arrived with snow, freezing fog and other such January loveliness…

Perfect for movie night!!!

There was a slight delay in proceedings as the new album from our faves Above & Beyond landed in John’s inbox, so it HAD to be listened to before anything else could happen! It was worth it, plenty of goose bump moments!

Following this we ventured out to find food, the checkout looked pretty unhealthy with plenty of frozen, breadcrumbed treats (and randomly some washing machine cleaner, got to love Aldi!).

The movie choice (I say ‘choice’, John would disagree) was Gone Girl. Quick review; very good, followed the book mostly, disappointing end – I had to re-read the end of the book to remember what happened in that, it wasn’t much better.

John didn’t sleep well after it thinking I’d got ideas and this blog was going to become my diary that will be his downfall… I best be careful what I write!

A tasty tea!
Never go shopping when you are hungry!
Never go shopping when you are hungry!



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