Keeping the romance going all year long

Keeping the romance going all year long

Do you manage to keep romance (and friendships) going all year round? Or does it all feel a little impossible with so much to juggle?

As partners, business owners and parents to a very energetic 6 year old, we 100% get it. Life can feel so busy and demanding, making real, uninterrupted time for loved ones can easily begin to feel like a chore – with romantic notes being replaced with text messages, catch ups with friends fading away over time to be replaced with a quick catch up in the supermarket aisles…

And this is it; dating, romance, making time for each other requires exactly the same as chores – time, dedication and effort (and no, chocolates or flowers just for birthdays or as a Valentines Day gift – i.e one day of the year- doesn’t count!) 

Keeping the romance going all year long

So… how to keep making time for each other all year round? Here are our top tips to help make it happen: 

Make it part of your schedule.

Remind yourselves. Often it isn’t about not making effort, it can be as simple as forgetting to make the time. And it takes two to date so whether writing it on a calendar or dedicating time on a set day of the week, plan your dates once a week, once a month or however often fits in with you. 

We go for coffee each week while gymnastics is on, it isn’t perfect but it works for us and it is our time.

Keep it small.

It’s the thought that counts right? Post it’s with sweet messages, sending non chore based texts during the day, renting their favourite movie to snuggle up and watch together (even better if it’s a movie they know you don’t like)… small yet thoughtful gestures that might just make their day. 

This goes for friends too, send a little gift, do a doorstep delivery or remind them of a time when something silly/embarrassing/brilliant happened, it all generates a smile.

Take turns.

If dating or gestures still feel like effort then sharing them out could be the way to go. Say you choose to go on a date (or catch up with a friend) once a month then hey presto, planning suddenly becomes once every two months (or even less often if this is with a small group of friends). You’ll feel excited to make plans, plus it’s something to look forward to. 

In need of ideas? Or want to come up with a better date night than the last one? We can help! Our date boxes were designed with keeping romance going in mind and are filled with romantic date ideas that can make it feel like Valentines Day every week! And there is plenty of choice.

Keeping the romance going all year long
For film lovers –
the Movie Edition
Date Night Box - Round The World Open
For travel fans –
Round the World box
Keeping the romance going all year long
Or the weekly date box with journal & memory box

Make sure it is fun. 

Fun is what this is all about after all – whether we’re talking friends or with a partner – laughing, hugging and making memories, the element of surprise – and a healthy dose of spontaneity.

Keep surprising each other with gestures, and we’re not talking flowers from the petrol station – a cup of tea in bed, a cuddle while they’re sorting the washing. You could surprise them with a harmless prank that you know they’ll find funny too! Life is too serious a lot of the time, so let’s make time for fun!

Say YES!

If someone (friend or partner) suggests a new restaurant, tickets to a play or maybe doing a jigsaw rather than turning on the TV, say yes! Even if it isn’t your normal choice of activity – you don’t know until you try.

And, that person is trying, they are thinking of new ways to make memories and have fun, so go for it! If you see an advert for a sporting event, or a cocktail bar then book tickets – don’t wait for someone else to make the first move. Don’t save it until Valentines Day when dinner out will be expected (and everyone else in the world will be there!) go right now! Live in the moment, say yes to more romance, more time together and more making memories… ALL YEAR ROUND. 

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