John’s choice of restaurant & £5 gifts

So we made it to two out of the three planned dates this weekend!

I was feeling a bit tired on Saturday, and it was raining so the balloon festival and fair didn’t happen – we did make progress on the latest jigsaw though! 😉

On Friday we did make it to Bem Brasil for a meaty feast – I’d been diagnosed with low iron earlier in the day so it was almost medicinal… We were so busy feeding our faces with various meats and (some) salad that neither of us took a single photo!

We also exchanged our gifts.

Mine didn’t quite go to plan as I had hoped to get John his ‘gadget bag’ for the hospital, some friends (male) have all suggested that he needs a snack bag, for when he gets peckish! And we know he’ll need a gadget bag for all his chargers and devices. Unfortunately the bag I ordered (with such a small budget!) wasn’t great… So it went back! I had already bought the ‘snack’s for it so I was left with a collection of chocolate… Not an inspired gift! Then I remembered – I had a small blank jigsaw hidden in a drawer for such occasions! So I made John a jigsaw – to entertain him in hospital… And threw in a scratch card to make up the £5! The jigsaw in particular went down very well.

In return I got a lovely gift, my favourite children book to read to Dot, inevitably there were tears!!

Got a bit of advertising in there too!
Got a bit of advertising in there too!



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