How to make memories without the distractions of technology

How to make memories without the distractions of technology

Nowadays we all seem to be glued to our phones, tablets and laptops, and you can do just about anything on a smartphone device. In fact, even businesses are adapting to the technological world which only encourages us to live in a virtual setting. It can be hard to make meaningful memories with the people who mean the most when your face is hovered over a phone screen which is why you should always make an effort to limit technology from time to time.

Get Outdoors

Fresh air can improve your mood and serves as a gentle reminder of how much the little things in life matter. Plus, there is little to no technology to be found. You could watch the sunset with your significant other, take the kids on a picnic at the local park and try to fly a kite, or even get together with your closest friends to star-gaze. Who knows, you might even get to make a wish on a shooting star! Taking technology out of the equation ensures that you are paying close attention to the people you are surrounded by, helping to create fond memories that aren’t going to be plagued by the notification noises of a dozen mobile phones.

Take a Technology Detox

We’re all guilty of using technology where it doesn’t need to be included. For example, a candle-lit meal with your partner should be a phone-free zone as this allows you to connect on a deeper level without any virtual distractions. A technology detox involves turning off all your devices – mobile phones, tablets and TV’s – in order to metaphorically switch off and focus on the real people that are around you. Whether you opt for a single evening or a whole weekend, you are certain to come out the other side a changed person with memories that will last a lifetime.

How to make memories without the distractions of technology

New Experiences

You don’t need an excuse to try new things, however a lack of technology is certainly a step in the right direction. The constant beeping of our devices can make us feel like we are too busy to go out and experience the world, however, if you shut off for a brief period of time you may be shocked to discover how many distractions you have been battling. The best memories are spontaneous and there is nothing you’ll remember more than the first time you tried something new. You could cook pizza with your partner or eat at a new restaurant. Maybe you’d like to try your hand at bingo, or even take the kids to see live theatre. The world really is filled with endless opportunities!

Technology can be a major distraction in life, particularly when it comes to social media. It is important that you prioritise spending time with the people who really matter in order to create worthwhile memories, and spontaneous trips or household date nights make the best gifts for couples because they aren’t reliant on a budget or a smartphone. Check out our box of dates for more technology-free dating inspiration.


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