His or Hers: Buying gits for couples

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Have you ever had to buy a gift for a couple but have been caught between buying the perfect gift for one rather than the other? His & Hers gifts are a popular range that spans thousands of gift ideas but these gifts often feel more like Him or Her rather than a gift that both can be included in.

So, what can we do to find the perfect gift that a couple would enjoy, rather than an individual? Because we know a thing or two about gifts we’ve decided to share some tips on how to plan for gifts that couples can enjoy together.


Gift experiences are hugely popular these days; whether it’s a day driving a racecar around the track for him or a spa day or even an indoor skydiving experience for her, people love a gift that gets them out for a day experiencing something they’ve always wanted to try.

The great thing about experience gifts is that you can find plenty of options for couples to enjoy together. Couples can enjoy spa days together; they can head out for an afternoon tea at a fancy hotel; they can even go on a couples’ sky diving or bungee jump experience if they are the adventurous type.

Gift Vouchers

It seems gift vouchers have come full circle from being a useful gift option, through to be considered an inconsiderate and lazy gift option, back round to being an incredibly smart gift choice once again.

We all know how couples can struggle to decide on things. From restaurants to movies, couples can end up spending so much time trying to decide where to eat and what to watch that they eventually talk themselves out of doing it all together.

With a gift voucher, for example a voucher for a specific restaurant that they have been talking about for ages but haven’t got round to going, the restaurant ahs already been decided so they can focus on getting ready, relaxing and having a good time rather than stressing abut where to eat tonight.

Struggling for ideas for gifts for couples? Here at A Year of Dates we have unique gift options for coupes that they won’t just enjoy for their special day, but will enjoy for an entire year.


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