We’re here for the suggestions

We're here for the suggestions

All our gifts are designed to inspire, to provide ideas and to encourage the couple/individual/family to make memories. We can’t, and won’t, tell you what to do. We want you to use the suggestions on our cards to come up with ideas and ways to have fun. If it’s not fun for you we don’t want you to do it.

The ideas we provide aren’t rocket science, we don’t claim they are, and we like to think it is made clear in the leaflets and in how we share our story on social media that the and we can see from the posts people share that this is the case. We obviously can’t please all the people all the time, we know this – so pleasing a lot of people most of the time is fine with us.

We recently had a discussion with a customer who was disappointed that the cards in the Round the World box he’d bought kept suggesting he watched a movie. He and his partner had watched a lot of movies during lockdown and he was looking for more. Having opened 3 envelopes he didn’t want to watch another movie (each card has a movie relating to the country on it), we pointed out he didn’t have to! The name of the country can be used for inspiration and then interpreted to suit something the couple did want to do.

This wasn’t good enough, and that is fine. But what we want to point out is that the fun part is up to you! We can’t make you have fun, we also can’t make you watch a movie each month if that isn’t what you want to do. It’s worth mentioning that each of these cards also has an activity listed (which wasn’t mentioned in the feedback!) for further inspiration.

So, the point of this post (other than a little whinge!) is a little reminder about what we do, and why. I think sometimes we forget too so it’s a good time to just get it out there. And here are some lovely people showing how they interpret the ideas we provide – and look how happy they are!


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