FREE download to inspire some dating, at home

FREE download to inspire some dating, at home

As we enter this unknown period, for who knows how long, we are aware that the stresses of this new routine are going to make people short tempered. And who are you going to take it out on? Your other half and those closest to you – just adding to the tension.

In a bid to help you to enjoy your time together, when the kids are in bed or when you’ve got your work done – we’ve put together an A-Z of dates you can do without leaving the house.

Now, we admit that some of the letters are a stretch, but we’d started and weren’t giving up! Hopefully they’ll make you smile, remember you do love each other really, and take some of the strain off the situation.

FREE download to inspire some dating, at home

The prompts are designed to be just that – a prompt – when you need an idea choose one off the list. If you choose to take our couples quiz you can download it here.

Let us know how you get on by sharing your images on social media with the tag #celebratingdating.

Why not download and send to friends – spread some smiles and help everyone make good memories during a difficult time.

We’ve also created a list for families to use… view here

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