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What is the difference between regular and colour coded dates?

All our date boxes/jars use a selection of coloured envelopes. The only difference is the colour coded ones determine the type of dates that are inside – so if you know you want to stay in that week (it’s nowhere near payday/no babysitters/busy weekend) choose blue. Want a night out? choose yellow etc. The regular set is more of a lucky dip where any colour could contain any type of date.

I’ve lost the key for the Categorised dates, what do the colour of envelopes mean?

The categorised dates come in 4 colours of envelopes:

  • Blue – Staying home
  • Yellow – Going out
  • Orange – A surprise
  • Green – A day out
Are the cards suitable for same sex couples?

There is no mention of gender on the cards so they can be used by everyone.

If a decision needs to be made the person opening the envelope will be asked to flip a coin and choose heads or tails.

How are the orders put together?

All the envelopes are sealed by hand. Some are gummed and therefore there can be instances where some of the glue is stuck to the envelope in front, we avoid this where possible but we aren’t perfect!

The complete sets of cards are checked as they go into the box and then the leaflet and any blank cards are added. We personally pack each and take pride in quality checking each one. If you have a glass jar the leaflet will be in with the envelope set.

What is on the cards?

We obviously can’t reveal ALL our of secrets! There is some cross over between the different products with some of the most popular ideas appearing in all of the sets.

The activities are a range of things to do at home, nights out and days out . Some you might have thought of yourself, or be things you do regularly, but how you interpret the card is up to you. All of the envelopes are sealed so you get a surprise each time, if you don’t like what the card says you don’t have to do it, it’s about having fun, but it is also good to try things so don’t just dismiss it.

We haven’t suggested anything dangerous, illegal or scary – there are blank cards in some sets so if you want to swim with sharks or jump out of an aeroplane you can add these yourself.

I don’t have time to do all these things

We know you are busy; a lot of the cards can be done at home in an evening or can fit in with your lifestyle. You also don’t have to open one every week, make it work for you, if just takes a bit of effort.

There’s a lot of paper being wasted!

All of the paper can be recycled and where possible we use sustainable products. We recycle all of our waste and use any excess packing material to protect our glass jars when posting.

Our boxes are produced using greyboard which is made from a mix of recycled and waste paper and is 100% Recyclable.

Where possible we source from FSC certified suppliers, which make up the vast majority of our suppliers.


What shipping methods are available?

We use Royal Mail, both within the UK and to send international items. 

Standard UK postage and free shipping orders will be sent using Royal Mail Tracked 48, which is the equivalent of 2nd Class.

Express Delivery will be sent using Royal Mail Special Delivery, guaranteed by 1pm. (See below for more information in the service).

International orders are shipped using International Tracked.

How long will my order take to arrive?

We use Royal Mail Tracked 48 service as standard for UK orders which takes approximately 2 working days.

You will get an email when your order is dispatched, we’ll aim to get your order shipped within 2 working days of receiving it.

If you need it sooner please get in touch – we’ll always help where we can.

We can’t guarantee to follow specific instructions left for delivery (ie leave in the porch/ring this number when you arrive) as this is down to the individual postal service.

For international orders we use Royal Mail international services. Timescales vary depending on your country due to distance and differences in customs processes.

It usually takes 12-16 days to arrive, but can take longer.

We will refund any international order that has not arrived within 28 days, even during the global pandemic.

Where do you ship to?

Until recently we shipped worldwide. However, since the UK left the EU we’ve found that orders into Europe are being hit by a customs fee, in some cases this is almost as much as the order. Other orders are just not arriving… With this in mind we have temporarily stopped shipping to EU countries until we have a better idea of the situation. If you are anywhere else in the world then we use a tracked shipping service so you can keep an eye on your delivery.

Timescales can vary for deliveries and be affected by local, or global, situations.

I ordered special delivery, the email I have states £750?

Don’t worry! If you get an email when the order is dispatched which states ‘Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm – £750’ the £750 is Royal Mail’s maximum insurance if this gets lost – it is not the cost to send your parcel.
You won’t be charged any extra.

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