Claire Russell – PlayHooray!

Claire Russell - PlayHooray!

Introducing Claire from PlayHooray  – we’ve been Insta buddies for a while now and collaborated to create our family activity cards A Year of Play, so we’re delighted she’s shared some of her dating stories with us.

Claire’s PlayPROMPT cards have become a firm favourite with parents and kids everywhere and she’s quite the Instagram star these days! As a qualified Early Year Specialist she turned to her teaching experience to find fun ways fill the long days at home with her son Mason. By sharing the activities online she soon found there were plenty of others in the same boat who she was helping and the company was born!

Claire Russell - PlayHooray!

Tell us about your first date?
Hmmm, I had to ask my husband as I couldn’t remember! We met in the first few days at Nottingham Trent Uni. Ben was the one at the front of the freshers bus leading all the chants, I knew it must be love! Ha ha! We think we went for a meal at some sort of TGI Fridays or something and then probably met our friends out in town knowing us!!

When was your last date?
We haven’t had a date in ages as we don’t have a babysitter where we live. We’ve got lots of weddings this year and luckily our family has been able to step in to have Mason so we’ve been fortunate to have a few days out together at weddings with all our lovely friends.

What about the best date?
The best date we have ever been on is the first time we went out after having Mason. My parents came to babysit when Mason was about 4 months old. It was so nice to put a dress and make up on! I remember being amazed seeing so many people out and about in the evenings, I felt like I’d been in a bubble for the past few months! It was a gorgeous summers evening and we went to the Lido in Clifton, Bristol. We ate the most wonderful food and of course talked about our newborn baby the whole time. We then went out for a couple of drinks and it comes as no surprise I was singing and dancing after only a couple of glasses of wine!! It was just so lovely to spend some time as a couple again after our lives had changed so dramatically!

And, the worst date you’ve ever been on?
Erm I can’t really remember a bad date! When I was younger I once went on a date with a guy that was in a TV soap at the time. He got totally hammered and I was sober, it wasn’t great!!

Finally, what is your dream date?
Ooohh dream date. Think it would have to be on a beach with my lovely husband somewhere, possibly one of the Greek Islands and of course with some amazing food and wine! Our honeymoon was in Santorini so I’d love to return there one day.


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