How a thoughtful gift changed our lives

How a thoughtful gift changed our lives

After much discussion and soul searching John; my other half, silent partner and reason this business exists, is coming to join me running A Year of Dates.

We’ve seen a huge growth in the last 12 months, which continues to take us both by surprise, and if we want to grow more these extra hands, another head and networking partner is needed.

To kick off this new ‘professional’ partnership we’ve taken part in our first interviews together, and one of these is now live – our podcast for Tech Manchester.

Listen here:



I think we’ll make a good team – John understands numbers, built the website (is a geek!!) while I have the ideas and spend the money!!

This is going to be life changing for our little family with no commute and Daddy at home for nursery pick up and our fun Fridays. We’re definitely going to making a lot of memories together…


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