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Love in lockdown – Gemma & Matt

Love in lockdown - Gemma & Matt

‘It’s been a brilliant adventure, we can’t wait to see what comes next.” You know we love seeing you on dates, we also love finding out about how the dating adventure came about. So we were delighted when Gemma and Matt agreed to share how their A Year of Dates box has helped their new […]

Our Year of Dates – Kirsty & Katie

Our Year of Dates - Kirsty & Katie

We love that our customers share their experiences on social media, it genuinely makes us smile. So we were delighted when one couple agreed to share their year of dates story (so far) with us. Kirsty Grant and Katie Rushton completed a date a week from A Year of Dates classic dating box after Katie […]

Is 50 the new 40?

50 is he new 40

Birthday presents used to be full of wonder and excitement. As children, we always had something new to look forward to whenever it was our birthday. It could’ve been a video game, a toy or even some new clothes. But as we age, the amazement starts to wear off and you’ll find yourself asking for […]


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