Afternoon Tea

We did it!
On the same week I picked the envelope we did the date, I’m in shock!!

I had heard about a place in Lancashire (so nearby I thought) that did a picnic table afternoon tea – it had rave reviews and after a quick Google The Garden Kitchen at Holden Clough Nursery came up, top of the ‘best places in Lancashire for afternoon tea’ article, so John told me to book it…

Turns out it’s over 30 miles away…

So on Sunday we drove there, ate and drove home, luckily we both felt it was worth it! Instead of the traditional menu this afternoon tea included lamb cobbler, ham hock terrine, pea and mint soup – all of which were delicious! And for the sweet selection this involved a pear and raspberry smoothie, a chocolate eclair and a warm apple & blackberry crumble, followed of course by a scone with jam and cream.

It’s probably a good job it isn’t nearer to home…

Its all about the presentation!
Its all about the presentation!