A candlelit dinner

On the sunniest day of the year so far (it’s only April so there WILL be more!) I got home form work to find the lounge/dining room in candle light and some delicious smells coming from the kitchen…

It was date night!

A little late but who’s complaining, I have broken the rules on other dates

So I was ushered to my seat and presented with a glass of fizz and a starter – on a Tuesday! – of spring rolls.

Main course followed and this was a very tasty chicken stir fry, with potatoes as well as noodles as there wasn’t many noodles in the cupboard!

Following this John announced pudding, sensing my hesitance (I was full, but didn’t want to be ungrateful) John produced mini millionaires shortbread, my favourite! He knows me so well! Despite the plate showing one I can’t promise more weren’t consumed…

Date night was, of course, completed with jigsaw action!




What a welcome home!
What a welcome home!
Someone has been watching Masterchef (but he wouldn't admit it!)
Someone has been watching Masterchef (but he wouldn’t admit it!)
Mains,  mix of carbs!
Mains, mix of carbs!
Generous dessert ;)
Generous dessert 😉



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