3 Reasons to keep taking photographs

3 Reasons to keep taking photographs

It is safe to say that technology has changed drastically over the past century as we no longer have to rely on disposable cameras in order to capture important milestones. After all, waiting for photographs such as these to develop was both agonising and nerve-wracking! Although smartphones allow us to capture moments just as they happen and review them immediately, some people think that they have taken over our lives. Here at A Year of Dates, we believe that creating meaningful memories with the people you love is the real secret to a happiness and success, and there really is no better way to document them than through a photo. Read on as we go over three reasons why you should always take photographs…

You can hold on to memories

Did you know that there at 525,600 minutes in a year? This means that it is impossible for the human brain to remember everything that happened without the existence of photographs. By clicking the shutter on a camera, you freeze a particular moment in time so that those memories are stored forever. Whilst some people argue that storing photograph on a smartphone reduces their value, there are loads of online printing companies that can provide real-life copies in the post for an incredibly small fee. This way you can display your memories in photo frames or photo books and cherish them every day.

Every picture tells a story

The saying goes that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and we really believe this is true. After all, capturing single moment in time is certainly memorable, but it is only a small part of the bigger picture. By looking back at photographs, you are able to reminisce about a particular event and relive a memory that may have otherwise been forgotten. From birthday parties to wedding anniversaries, photographs are the perfect way to document happy occasions and bring them back to life all over again.

Show them to your grandchildren

The older generation didn’t grow up with the technology that we have at our fingertips today as cameras in the 1940s were rather expensive and bulky. This means that they often have very few photographs of their childhood to show to their grandchildren. We are lucky in this respect because smartphones allow us to take hundreds of pictures with ease. You can then store them safely to show to future generations one day, reminisce about the memories that the photographs have captured, and explain how much the world has, or hasn’t, changed since they were first taken.

Photographs help us create memories, tell stories, and document history. Whilst you should always strive to ensure that technology never distracts you from spending time with your nearest and dearest, a few snapshots here and there won’t hurt anybody! After all, couple gifts that encourage you to make memories can be made even more meaningful when they are captured in time through the magic of a photograph. Plus, our photo memory box is the perfect way to store keepsakes and mementos.


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