Social media fun – A-Z photo challenge

We’re enjoying this A-Z theme now! So, we thought we’d carry it on and get you involved. Following an idea in our family WhatsApp group where we’ve been setting a photo challenge each day, we thought it was too good to keep to ourselves!

Head over to our Facebook page for a daily post giving you that days letter, you’ll also find the same prompt on Instagram stories where we’ll share the entries each evening. Use #ayearofdatesphotoaz so we can find them to share.

Each day we’ll share a word – it could be an item or a concept and how you interpret it is up to you. Get your friends and family involved, make it a competition. It should be a photo you set up and take that day, that’s the idea, get your thinking caps on and see what you can come up with. Please read the rules below and remember this is just for fun.


This is just for fun and in no way associated with Facebook or Instagram. We don’t want anyone putting others at risk for this so please…

* Do not leave your home specifically for this challenge; we must follow the current guidelines around the spread of the virus and this is not an excuse to leave your home.

* We want this to be a fun challenge, there is no right or wrong and no winners. Please use #ayearofdatesphotoaz to see what others have created but remember to be nice if you comment and any unnecessary comments or unpleasantness will be deleted and the user reported.

* No offensive photos, rude words or negative behaviour towards others.  

Image Credits: Kids photo created by freepik

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