Making memories that last a lifetime – FREE family activity download

It’s not easy right now to see the positives in the current situation, but when we look back in 12 months hopefully we’ll see that we did the best thing for everyone in our lives, that’s all we can do.

One of the things that we’ve seen repeatedly on social media in the last few days that really resonated with us was making this a time kids remember as fun and exciting – not anxious and unusual. Not easy when you have enough to deal with already.

In a bid to help we’ve created an A-Z of ideas you can do as a family, to help you switch off, enjoy some quality time together and make those happy memories.

Some of these activities are taken from our A Year of Play pack and others are adapted to fit the climate. They involve getting outside, making things and things you can do at home. Use the prompts as just this – a suggestion and make the activities your own (if you’re not comfortable with anything on the list, just don’t do it).

Dedicate some time each day to something you can all do together, it’ll make all the difference to everyone. We love seeing what you get up too as well – use #ayearofplay to share your images on social media.

Why not print a few and put them through neighbours doors – spread some smiles and help everyone make this experience memorable for the right reasons.

And when the kids go to bed or you’ve got your work done, don’t forget it’s so important you look after each other. We’ve added an A-Z of date night ideas for you to download to encourage you to make time for your relationships as well.