A Year of Dates

Go out there and have fun.

The perfect gift that keeps you laughing, trying new things and making memories together. with friends or by yourself. Everyone has busy lives and the dates are here to help you spend quality time doing things you might not have thought of, or wanted to suggest.

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A Year of Dates

The original Year of Dates.

Parent Dating

Family friendly products to help parents keep dating.


A birthday gift to celebrate those special occasions, that can last all year.


Products for weddings; guest books, favours, hen do's

Who We Are

We are a small business built on a Christmas present from husband to wife; a date jar containing sealed envelopes – the same style glass jar that we use today.

We are on a mission to encourage everyone to date more, spend quality time with friends, make memories with your family – and most of all have fun! Life is fast paced and fitting it all in is tricky, often the best bits are the first things we give up – the adventures, the date nights, the laughter.

All our ideas are sealed in envelopes, so there is a surprise for everyone, and the decision is made for you once you open the card.

A thoughtful gift that has led to an award winning business, and lots of happy couples all over the world.